Things I Like


So it’s come to my attention that maybe I should brainstorm the things I like.

Sounds like it would be obvious. And maybe it is.

But since I have essentially NO idea where I need to go from here, let’s start with the basics. What makes me happy? Specifically.

Also I’m in a list making mood so DEAL WITH IT

Things I Like / Things That Make Me Happy:

  • The changing of the seasons from summer to autumn
  • Drinking pumpkin spice lattes
  • Christmas time
  • Watching Christmas movies
  • Spending time doing anything with my family
  • Playing with dogs
  • Being near a pool or in a pool
  • Being near or in a beach in the summer with my family
  • Going to the mountains in NC
  • Snuggling with my boyfriend
  • Talking to God / any time in prayer
  • Smelling the cool, crisp air of fall
  • Thanksgiving Day with family
  • Helping others do things they can’t / don’t know how to do themselves
  • Teaching others about something they didn’t know before
  • Reading a good book
  • Blueberry coffee in the morning
  • Sleeping in on a lazy Saturday
  • Going to the farmer’s market on Sunday and buying fresh fruits and veggies
  • Planning / using my planner / redesigning my wall calendar for a new month
  • Buying school supplies in August
  • Building websites (this blog, branding and web design business)
  • Coming up with ideas and planning out how to execute them
  • Building ideas (probably the same as above but who cares)
  • Apple picking
  • Dancing when I’m just tipsy enough
  • Cozy and soft sweaters
  • Sitting inside during a massive thunderstorm and listening to the rain
  • Shopping for Christmas gifts with my family
  • Baking with my mom in the kitchen
  • Kissing my boyfriend
  • Learning about myself
  • Learning anything new (Italian, hand-lettering, baking new desserts)
  • Mastering that new skill
  • When I stand up for myself
  • A newly cleaned house / apartment
  • Decorating the Christmas tree
  • Watching “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC
  • Binging “The Office” on Netflix
  • Getting a mani-pedi
  • Talking to my parents on the phone
  • Buying socks with silly designs / patterns on them
  • Setting goals for myself
  • Post-It Notes
  • Amazon’s stupid fast shipping
  • Spending a day on the lake with my family
  • Exploring new places I’ve never been to
  • Sitting in my parent’s hot tub when it’s cold outside
  • Seeing Sophie Sigmon
  • Decorating for fall and Christmas
  • Listening to Christmas music
  • The Easter service at Meck
  • Sleepovers with my sister
  • Chick-Fil-A frozen lemonade
  • My mom’s homemade peach cobbler
  • Being around children
  • Performing / acting / entertaining people
  • Singing
  • Taking a long, hot shower
  • Taking a bath with a LUSH bath bomb
  • Freshly washed hair
  • Getting snuggly under 4 blankets
  • Waking up before sunrise when it’s still quiet
  • Roadtrips to Myrtle Beach for the week
  • Going to The Southern Christmas Show with my mom and sister
  • Putting money into my savings account
  • Overcast days
  • Having a Bible verse really resonate with me
  • Giving advice to my friends
  • Taking the perfect Insta-worthy shot
  • Going to see Suzanne to get my hair done
  • Making summer vacation plans
  • Coming up with names for things (dogs, business, Instagrams, projects, papers)
  • Researching things I don’t know a lot about
  • Using Adobe Illustrator to create things
  • Seeing my phone at 100% battery
  • Inside jokes with my friends
  • Anything grey, white, hot pink, or light powder blue
  • Giant soft pretzels with salt and mustard
  • Fresh lemonade
  • Not having to put on makeup
  • Having someone tell me they love my hair
  • Getting a really good tan
  • Listening to 90’s music
  • Planning my future wedding
  • Scrolling Pinterest for aesthetics
  • Baking new desserts
  • Brilliant acting
  • Disney movies
  • Laughing
  • Surprising someone I love
  • Window shopping with family or friends
  • Taking silly pictures
  • Finding someone who shares the exact same opinion as me
  • Elephants
  • Watching documentaries about royal families  / period pieces
  • Being naked
  • Being able to say what I want to say
  • Deep breaths
  • The feeling when I step off of a plane, happy that I’ve landed safely
  • Juice
  • Cardigans
  • Soft rugs that make you want to rub your face all over it
  • Fireworks on the 4th of July
  • Watching the Panthers play
  • Champagne toasts on New Years
  • Sparkly things
  • Cute umbrellas
  • Rain boots
  • Ribbon
  • Listening to Jack Johnson
  • Giant hugs from the people I love
  • Lighting candles and watching a movie
  • Accomplishing a goal
  • The smell of Christmas trees
  • Family movie nights
  • Watching “The Good Place” on Netflix
  • Watching snow fall
  • Chai lattes from Starbucks
  • Catching up with old friends
  • Beach themes houses
  • Quiet Bible study time in my closet when I have no time limit
  • Making new friends
  • Hearing people talk in British / Aussie / French / Italian / Southern accents
  • Seersucker
  • Oversized sun hats
  • Walking around Birkdale Village in the fall and winter

WOW. That might have been the biggest list I’ve ever compiled.

Gonna have to look back over that one.

But yay!

Now I’m happy!

Hopefully this leads somewhere and I get some answer from it…

But if nothing else, I was happy while writing it.

And maybe that’s enough for now.