The Psychology Battle

I read psychology books for fun.


What? Who does that?

I’ve always been interested in all things psychology – how the mind works, why people do what they do, and how two people can see the exact same thing and have completely different opinions on it.

It’s always intrigued me and it’s something I research in my spare time. I considered double majoring in psychology in school, but never did for fear that I wouldn’t have enough time with all the shows I was going to be in…

Or rather the TWO shows I was in over the course of four years…

Thanks a lot ECU.


Anyway, psychology. The mind and how it works has always interested me and I would have loved to study it more in school. It’s something that’s always come naturally to me and something that I think I could be really good at.

I’m always giving people advice. My friends come to me all the time with their problems and want me to help them try to figure out what they should do. And I enjoy helping them. I tend to think I’m a really good listener and I love helping people figure out what to do when they have major things going on in their lives.

I’ve taken all sorts of personality and career tests in the past 4 days just to see what came of them. And I got a range of answers, but they were generally in the same vicinity: Teacher, coach, architect (what??), psychologist, graphic designer, counselor, therapist, actor.

All having to do with being hands on, creative, and service based.

So I narrowed it down to what I love which is:

  • I love teaching people about themselves or things they don’t know yet
  • I love helping people do anything really
  • I love being creative and hands on with my work

So essentially, I would love to be a designing teacher psychologist. Or something.

But nah.

like those things but I don’t know if I would love them as a career or not.

So I moved on.

Back to blogging, librarian, small online business owner, something to do with books (editor??)

But UGH.

Don’t know that I’m well suited for those either.

So today, I went back to the tests. But this time, they were tests to determine my spiritual gifts. Gifts that I’ve been given by the Holy Spirit to best do God’s work.

And I kept getting the same two answers: faith and exhortation.


Faith obviously being that I have a lot of it and like to encourage others in their faith.

But the “exhortation” one was new to me. Besides first thinking that it said “exTORtion” which confused me…because when have I ever tried to beat the crap out of someone for money?

Well, here it is in the Christian sense: “To come along side of someone with words of encouragement, comfort, consolation, and counsel to help them be all God wants them to be”. Coming from the Greek word Paraklesis – calling to one’s side

Which again, leads me back to the world of counseling, therapy, and psychology.

Helping others with words of encouragement, comfort, aid, advice, to help them be all they can be.

It’s weird.

Some part of me has always wanted to pursue psychology/counseling/therapy and help others.

Some part of me thinks it’s just something I find entertaining and don’t need to make a career out of.

Some part of me wants so badly to go back to school for it and study and be immersed in a new field.

Some part (okay, ALL parts) of me, don’t want to go back to school solely because of the tuition and debt that I would have afterwards. Not to mention the 7 years it would take to be fully practicing on my own… (3 for school, one for internship, two years of supervised practice) Wait.

That’s only six years. The website said 7…. pfft. Liars.


And I’m already 25.

So the debate continues.

To school or not to school?

To have large amounts of debt or to pursue something else and not have large amounts of debt?

To spend the next 5 years studying and practicing under someone else before I can do it on my own or to just become a career nanny?

I know what the easier choice is.

But there’s other things that go into it. You don’t just go back to school.

Number 1, my undergrad is in Theatre. Good luck.

Number 2, my GRE score from high school is over 5 years old so I have to study and retake that first. Ha.

Number 3, apart from tuition, there’s books, food, room and board, transportation. And school shirts because duh. Hmmmm, not so much.

Number 4, I wouldn’t be starting my official career until about 32 years old. Aren’t I supposed to have a family and 2.5 kids by then? I could spend the next 7 years doing building something else other than studying..

Number 5, don’t you have to study statistics or some crap? Coming from the girl who barely made it out of college level algebra with a C..I’m thinkin a big fat NO on that.


Or I could just use the degree I already have and go to Atlanta and keep acting…

Why is this so hard?


I hope I laugh my ass off when I go back and read this in ten years.

Hey there 35-year-old self, hope your life is everything you want it to be!

Cause right now, ya girl ain’t got no clue.